RØDE FoodMic Pro

Food finally sounds as good as it tastes.

In a stunning revolution of design and technology, RØDE Microphones introduces the FoodMic Pro Cuisine Condenser Microphone. Be aroused by the sizzle of your steak, thrilled by the resonant rip of shelled shrimp, or engulfed by the deep swelling thrum of a gravy cascade. At home or in the restaurants of the world, make your next meal a feast for ALL the senses.

Intuitive &
unique design

Hear the

Perfect for
vloggers & celebrity chefs


Packed with revolutionary features

The RØDE FoodMic Pro utilIses a patented plate-shaped ceramic element and comes with a HPF (High-Fibre Pass Filter), 48V Phondue Power, Variable Gastronomic Pick-up Patterns, RØDElink Wireless TX included and boasts a Jus-Resistant coating. The upshot is an appetite-whetting, sumptuous surround-sound experience that will fill your ears as you fill your waistband.

Captures the sound of food like never before

Fully tested in the field by RØDE’s most generously proportioned engineers, tastemakers and food vlogging superstar Johnny Choo, the FoodMic Pro is a prestige audio product ready to record the magic made for your table and deliver it to the world.


“Hi, I’m food vlogging superstar Johnny Choo and nothing sounds as good as me… except the RØDE FoodMic Pro. It’s the sound of deliciousnessness.”

Johnny Choo


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Official product of My RØDE Reel 2017

The RØDE FoodMic Pro is the official RØDE product sponsor for My RØDE Reel 2017. To find out your nearest dealer for the FoodMic Pro, or submit your short film to My RØDE Reel, click the links below.